emacs-lisp-mode-map is a variable defined in `elisp-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Keymap for Emacs Lisp mode.
All commands in `lisp-mode-shared-map' are inherited by this map.


(keymap (24 keymap (1 keymap (12 . edebug-where) (3 . edebug-go-mode) (14 . edebug-next-mode) (19 . edebug-step-mode))) (menu-bar keymap (emacs-lisp "Emacs-Lisp" keymap (indent-line menu-item "Indent Line" lisp-indent-line) (indent-region menu-item "Indent Region" indent-region :help "Indent each nonblank line in the region" :enable mark-active) (comment-region menu-item "Comment Out Region" comment-region :help "Comment or uncomment each line in the region" :enable mark-active) (separator-format "--") (eval-sexp menu-item "Evaluate Last S-expression" eval-last-sexp :help "Evaluate sexp before point; print value in echo area") (eval-region menu-item "Evaluate Region" eval-region :help "Execute the region as Lisp code" :enable mark-active) (eval-buffer menu-item "Evaluate Buffer" eval-buffer :help "Execute the current buffer as Lisp code") (ielm menu-item "Interactive Expression Evaluation" ielm :help "Interactively evaluate Emacs Lisp expressions") (separator-eval "--") (byte-compile menu-item "Byte-compile This File" emacs-lisp-byte-compile :help "Byte compile the file containing the current buffer") (emacs-byte-compile-and-load menu-item "Byte-compile and Load" emacs-lisp-byte-compile-and-load :help "Byte-compile the current file (if it has changed), then load compiled code") (byte-recompile menu-item "Byte-recompile Directory..." byte-recompile-directory :help "Recompile every `.el' file in DIRECTORY that needs recompilation") (disas menu-item "Disassemble Byte Compiled Object..." disassemble :help "Print disassembled code for OBJECT in a buffer") (separator-byte "--") (edebug-defun menu-item "Instrument Function for Debugging" edebug-defun :help "Evaluate the top level form point is in, stepping through with Edebug" :keys "C-u C-M-x") (lint "Linting" keymap (lint-d menu-item "Lint Defun" elint-defun :help "Lint the function at point") (lint-b menu-item "Lint Buffer" elint-current-buffer :help "Lint the current buffer") (lint-f menu-item "Lint File..." elint-file :help "Lint a file") (lint-di menu-item "Lint Directory..." elint-directory :help "Lint a directory")) (profiling "Profiling" keymap (prof-natprof-start menu-item "Start Native Profiler..." profiler-start :help "Start recording profiling information") (prof-natprof-report menu-item "Show Profiler Report" profiler-report :help "Show the current profiler report" :enable (and (featurep 'profiler) (profiler-running-p))) (prof-natprof-stop menu-item "Stop Native Profiler" profiler-stop :help "Stop recording profiling information" :enable (and (featurep 'profiler) (profiler-running-p))) (sep-natprof "--") (prof-func menu-item "Instrument Function..." elp-instrument-function :help "Instrument a function for profiling") (prof-pack menu-item "Instrument Package..." elp-instrument-package :help "Instrument for profiling all function that start with a prefix") (prof-res menu-item "Show Profiling Results" elp-results :help "Display current profiling results") (prof-resfunc menu-item "Reset Counters for Function..." elp-reset-function :help "Reset the profiling information for a function") (prof-resall menu-item "Reset Counters for All Functions" elp-reset-all :help "Reset the profiling information for all functions being profiled") (sep-rem "--") (prof-restfunc menu-item "Remove Instrumentation for Function..." elp-restore-function :help "Restore an instrumented function to its original definition") (prof-restall menu-item "Remove Instrumentation for All Functions" elp-restore-all :help "Restore the original definitions of all functions being profiled")) (tracing "Tracing" keymap (tr-f menu-item "Trace Function..." trace-function :help "Trace the function given as an argument") (tr-q menu-item "Trace Function Quietly..." trace-function-background :help "Trace the function with trace output going quietly to a buffer") (tr-sep "--") (tr-uf menu-item "Untrace Function..." untrace-function :help "Untrace function, and possibly activate all remaining advice") (tr-a menu-item "Untrace All" untrace-all :help "Untrace all currently traced functions")) (re-builder menu-item "Construct Regexp" re-builder :help "Construct a regexp interactively") (checkdoc menu-item "Check Documentation Strings" checkdoc :help "Check documentation strings for style requirements") (eldoc menu-item "Auto-Display Documentation Strings" eldoc-mode :button (:toggle bound-and-true-p eldoc-mode) :help "Display the documentation string for the item under cursor") "Emacs-Lisp")) (27 keymap (17 . indent-pp-sexp) (24 . eval-defun) (9 . completion-at-point)) "Emacs-Lisp" keymap (127 . backward-delete-char-untabify) (27 keymap (17 . indent-sexp)) keymap (27 keymap (17 . prog-indent-sexp)))