eldoc-message-commands is a variable defined in `eldoc.el'.
Its value is

[move-beginning-of-line up-list split-window-horizontally split-window-below scroll-other-window-down scroll-up-command scroll-right scroll-bar-horizontal-drag scroll-bar-scroll-down scroll-bar-set-window-start scroll-up next-matching-history-element forward-sexp previous-line-or-history-element previous-buffer recenter-top-bottom previous-error previous-error-no-select next-error-no-select backward-kill-paragraph split-window-right scroll-bar-mode previous-matching-history-element split-window-vertically forward-whitespace scroll-bar-drag forward-page self-insert-command scroll-all-mode scroll-bar-scroll-up scroll-left]

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Commands after which it is appropriate to print in the echo area.
ElDoc does not try to print function arglists, etc., after just any command,
because some commands print their own messages in the echo area and these
functions would instantly overwrite them. But `self-insert-command' as well
as most motion commands are good candidates.
This variable contains an obarray of symbols; do not manipulate it
directly. Instead, use `eldoc-add-command' and `eldoc-remove-command'.