edt-word-entities is a variable defined in `edt.el'.
Its value is

Specifies the list of EDT word entity characters.
The default list, (?\t), contains just the TAB character, which
emulates EDT. Characters are specified in the list using their
decimal ASCII values. A question mark, followed by the actual
character, can be used to indicate the numerical value of the
character, instead of the actual decimal value. So, ?A means the
numerical value for the letter A, ?/ means the numerical value for /,
etc. Several unprintable and special characters have special
representations, which you can also use:

?\b specifies BS, C-h
?\t specifies TAB, C-i
?\n specifies LFD, C-j
?\v specifies VTAB, C-k
?\f specifies FF, C-l
?\r specifies CR, C-m
?\e specifies ESC, C-[
?\\ specifies \

In EDT Emulation movement-by-word commands, each character in the list
will be treated as if it were a separate word.

You can customize this variable.