ediff-long-help-message-compare2 is a variable defined in `ediff-help.el'.
Its value is

"\np,DEL -previous diff | | -vert/horiz split |a/b -copy A/B's region to B/A\nn,SPC -next diff | h -highlighting | rx -restore buf X's old diff\n j -jump to diff | @ -auto-refinement | * -refine current region\n gx -goto X's point| ## -ignore whitespace | ! -update diff regions\n C-l -recenter | #c -ignore case |\n v/V -scroll up/dn | #f/#h -focus/hide regions | wx -save buf X\n -scroll lt/rt | X -read-only in buf X | wd -save diff output\n ~ -swap variants | m -wide display |\n"

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Help message usually used for 2-way comparison.
Normally, not a user option. See `ediff-help-message' for details.