edebug-mode-menus is a variable defined in `edebug.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Menus for Edebug.


("Edebug" ["Stop" edebug-stop t] ["Step" edebug-step-mode t] ["Next" edebug-next-mode t] ["Trace" edebug-trace-mode t] ["Trace Fast" edebug-Trace-fast-mode t] ["Continue" edebug-continue-mode t] ["Continue Fast" edebug-Continue-fast-mode t] ["Go" edebug-go-mode t] ["Go Nonstop" edebug-Go-nonstop-mode t] "----" ["Help" edebug-help t] ["Abort" abort-recursive-edit t] ["Quit to Top Level" top-level t] ["Quit Nonstop" edebug-top-level-nonstop t] "----" ("Jumps" ["Forward Sexp" edebug-forward-sexp t] ["Step In" edebug-step-in t] ["Step Out" edebug-step-out t] ["Goto Here" edebug-goto-here t]) ("Breaks" ["Set Breakpoint" edebug-set-breakpoint t] ["Unset Breakpoint" edebug-unset-breakpoint t] ["Set Conditional Breakpoint" edebug-set-conditional-breakpoint t] ["Set Global Break Condition" edebug-set-global-break-condition t] ["Show Next Breakpoint" edebug-next-breakpoint t]) ("Views" ["Where am I?" edebug-where t] ["Bounce to Current Point" edebug-bounce-point t] ["View Outside Windows" edebug-view-outside t] ["Previous Result" edebug-previous-result t] ["Show Backtrace" edebug-backtrace t] ["Display Freq Count" edebug-display-freq-count t]) ("Eval" ["Expression" edebug-eval-expression t] ["Last Sexp" edebug-eval-last-sexp t] ["Visit Eval List" edebug-visit-eval-list t]) ("Options" ["Edebug All Defs" edebug-all-defs :style toggle :selected edebug-all-defs] ["Edebug All Forms" edebug-all-forms :style toggle :selected edebug-all-forms] "----" ["Tracing" (edebug-toggle 'edebug-trace) :style toggle :selected edebug-trace] ["Test Coverage" (edebug-toggle 'edebug-test-coverage) :style toggle :selected edebug-test-coverage] ["Save Windows" edebug-toggle-save-windows :style toggle :selected edebug-save-windows] ["Save Point" (edebug-toggle 'edebug-save-displayed-buffer-points) :style toggle :selected edebug-save-displayed-buffer-points]))