ede-project-directories is a variable defined in `ede.el'.
Its value is

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Directories in which EDE may search for project files.
If the value is t, EDE may search in any directory.

If the value is a function, EDE calls that function with one
argument, the directory name; the function should return t if
EDE should look for project files in the directory.

Otherwise, the value should be a list of fully-expanded directory
names. EDE searches for project files only in those directories.
If you invoke the commands M-x ede or M-x ede-new on a directory
that is not listed, Emacs will offer to add it to the list.

Any other value disables searching for EDE project files.

You can customize this variable.

This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in version 23.4 of Emacs.