ebrowse-tree-buffer-object-menu is a variable defined in `ebrowse.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Object menu for tree buffers


(keymap "Ebrowse" (Filename\ Display menu-item "Filename Display" ebrowse-toggle-file-name-display :button (:toggle . ebrowse--show-file-names-flag) :help "Toggle display of source files names") (Tree\ Indentation menu-item "Tree Indentation" ebrowse-set-tree-indentation :help "Set the tree's indentation") (Unmark\ All\ Classes menu-item "Unmark All Classes" ebrowse-mark-all-classes :help "Unmark all classes in the class tree") (Expand\ All menu-item "Expand All" ebrowse-expand-all :help "Expand all subtrees in the class tree") (Statistics menu-item "Statistics" ebrowse-statistics :help "Show a buffer with class hierarchy statistics") (Find\ Class menu-item "Find Class" ebrowse-read-class-name-and-go :help "Find a class in the tree") (Member\ Buffer menu-item "Member Buffer" ebrowse-pop/switch-to-member-buffer-for-same-tree :help "Show a member buffer for this class tree"))