ebnf-style-database is a variable defined in `ebnf2ps.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Style database.

Each element has the following form:



NAME is a symbol name style.

INHERITS is a symbol name style from which the current style inherits
the context. If INHERITS is nil, then there is no inheritance.

This is a simple inheritance of style: if you declare that
style A inherits from style B, all settings of B are applied
first, and then the settings of A are applied. This is useful
when you wish to modify some aspects of an existing style, but
at the same time wish to keep it unmodified.

VAR is a valid ebnf2ps symbol custom variable.
See `ebnf-style-custom-list' for valid symbol variables.

VALUE is a sexp which will be evaluated to set the value of VAR.
Don't forget to quote symbols and constant lists.
See `default' style for an example.

Don't use this variable directly. Use functions `ebnf-insert-style',
`ebnf-delete-style' and `ebnf-merge-style'.


((default nil (ebnf-special-show-delimiter . t) (ebnf-special-font quote (7 Courier "Black" "Gray95" bold italic)) (ebnf-special-shape quote bevel) (ebnf-special-shadow) (ebnf-special-border-width . 0.5) (ebnf-special-border-color . "Black") (ebnf-except-font quote (7 Courier "Black" "Gray90" bold italic)) (ebnf-except-shape quote bevel) (ebnf-except-shadow) (ebnf-except-border-width . 0.25) (ebnf-except-border-color . "Black") (ebnf-repeat-font quote (7 Courier "Black" "Gray85" bold italic)) (ebnf-repeat-shape quote bevel) (ebnf-repeat-shadow) (ebnf-repeat-border-width . 0.0) (ebnf-repeat-border-color . "Black") (ebnf-terminal-regexp) (ebnf-case-fold-search) (ebnf-terminal-font quote (7 Courier "Black" "White")) (ebnf-terminal-shape quote miter) (ebnf-terminal-shadow) (ebnf-terminal-border-width . 1.0) (ebnf-terminal-border-color . "Black") (ebnf-non-terminal-font quote (7 Helvetica "Black" "White")) (ebnf-non-terminal-shape quote round) (ebnf-non-terminal-shadow) (ebnf-non-terminal-border-width . 1.0) (ebnf-non-terminal-border-color . "Black") (ebnf-production-name-p . t) (ebnf-sort-production) (ebnf-production-font quote (10 Helvetica "Black" "White" bold)) (ebnf-arrow-shape quote hollow) (ebnf-chart-shape quote round) (ebnf-user-arrow) (ebnf-horizontal-orientation) (ebnf-horizontal-max-height) (ebnf-production-horizontal-space . 0.0) (ebnf-production-vertical-space . 0.0) (ebnf-justify-sequence quote center) (ebnf-lex-comment-char . 59) (ebnf-lex-eop-char . 46) (ebnf-syntax quote ebnf) (ebnf-iso-alternative-p) (ebnf-iso-normalize-p) (ebnf-file-suffix-regexp . ".[Bb][Nn][Ff]$") (ebnf-eps-prefix . "ebnf--") (ebnf-eps-header-font quote (11 Helvetica "Black" "White" bold)) (ebnf-eps-header) (ebnf-eps-footer-font quote (7 Helvetica "Black" "White" bold)) (ebnf-eps-footer) (ebnf-entry-percentage . 0.5) (ebnf-color-p or (fboundp 'x-color-values) (fboundp 'color-instance-rgb-components)) (ebnf-line-width . 1.0) (ebnf-line-color . "Black") (ebnf-debug-ps) (ebnf-use-float-format . t) (ebnf-stop-on-error) (ebnf-yac-ignore-error-recovery) (ebnf-ignore-empty-rule) (ebnf-optimize)) (happy default (ebnf-justify-sequence quote left) (ebnf-lex-comment-char . 35) (ebnf-lex-eop-char . 59)) (abnf default (ebnf-syntax quote abnf)) (iso-ebnf default (ebnf-syntax quote iso-ebnf)) (yacc default (ebnf-syntax quote yacc)) (ebnfx default (ebnf-syntax quote ebnfx)) (dtd default (ebnf-syntax quote dtd)))