directory-abbrev-alist is a variable defined in `files.el'.
Its value is

Alist of abbreviations for file directories.
A list of elements of the form (FROM . TO), each meaning to replace
FROM with TO when it appears in a directory name. This replacement is
done when setting up the default directory of a newly visited file.

FROM is matched against directory names anchored at the first
character, so it should start with a "\\`", or, if directory
names cannot have embedded newlines, with a "^".

FROM and TO should be equivalent names, which refer to the
same directory. Do not use `~' in the TO strings;
they should be ordinary absolute directory names.

Use this feature when you have directories which you normally refer to
via absolute symbolic links. Make TO the name of the link, and FROM
the name it is linked to.

You can customize this variable.