desktop-minor-mode-table is a variable defined in `desktop.el'.
Its value is

((auto-fill-function auto-fill-mode) (defining-kbd-macro nil) (isearch-mode nil) (vc-mode nil) (vc-dired-mode nil) (erc-track-minor-mode nil) (savehist-mode nil))

Table mapping minor mode variables to minor mode functions.
Each entry has the form (NAME RESTORE-FUNCTION).
NAME is the name of the buffer-local variable indicating that the minor
mode is active. RESTORE-FUNCTION is the function to activate the minor mode.
RESTORE-FUNCTION nil means don't try to restore the minor mode.
Only minor modes for which the name of the buffer-local variable
and the name of the minor mode function are different have to be added to
this table. See also `desktop-minor-mode-handlers'.

You can customize this variable.