cvs-buffer-name-alist is a variable defined in `pcvs-defs.el'.
Its value is

(("diff" "*cvs-diff*" diff-mode) ("status" "*cvs-info*" cvs-status-mode) ("tree" "*cvs-info*" cvs-status-mode) ("message" "*cvs-commit*" nil log-edit) ("log" "*cvs-info*" log-view-mode))

Buffer name and mode to be used for each command.
This is a list of elements of the form


CMD is the name of the command.
BUFNAME is an expression that should evaluate to a string used as
a buffer name. It can use the variable CMD if it wants to.
MODE is the command to use to setup the buffer.
POSTPROC is a function that should be executed when the command terminates

The CMD used for `cvs-mode-commit' is "message". For that special
case, POSTPROC is called just after MODE with special arguments.

You can customize this variable.