cperl-tips-faces is a variable defined in `cperl-mode.el'.
Its value is

CPerl mode uses following faces for highlighting:

`cperl-array-face' Array names
`cperl-hash-face' Hash names
`font-lock-comment-face' Comments, PODs and whatever is considered
syntactically to be not code
`font-lock-constant-face' HERE-doc delimiters, labels, delimiters of
2-arg operators s/y/tr/ or of RExen,
`font-lock-warning-face' Special-cased m// and s//foo/,
`font-lock-function-name-face' _ as a target of a file tests, file tests,
subroutine names at the moment of definition
(except those conflicting with Perl operators),
package names (when recognized), format names
`font-lock-keyword-face' Control flow switch constructs, declarators
`cperl-nonoverridable-face' Non-overridable keywords, modifiers of RExen
`font-lock-string-face' Strings, qw() constructs, RExen, POD sections,
literal parts and the terminator of formats
and whatever is syntactically considered
as string literals
`font-lock-type-face' Overridable keywords
`font-lock-variable-name-face' Variable declarations, indirect array and
hash names, POD headers/item names
`cperl-invalid-face' Trailing whitespace

Note that in several situations the highlighting tries to inform about
possible confusion, such as different colors for function names in
declarations depending on what they (do not) override, or special cases
m// and s/// which do not do what one would expect them to do.

Help with best setup of these faces for printout requested (for each of
the faces: please specify bold, italic, underline, shadow and box.)

In regular expressions (including character classes):
`font-lock-string-face' "Normal" stuff and non-0-length constructs
`font-lock-constant-face': Delimiters
`font-lock-warning-face' Special-cased m// and s//foo/,
Mismatched closing delimiters, parens
we couldn't match, misplaced quantifiers,
unrecognized escape sequences
`cperl-nonoverridable-face' Modifiers, as gism in m/REx/gism
`font-lock-type-face' escape sequences with arguments (\x \23 \p \N)
and others match-a-char escape sequences
`font-lock-keyword-face' Capturing parens, and |
`font-lock-function-name-face' Special symbols: $ ^ . [ ] [^ ] (?{ }) (??{ })
"Range -" in character classes
`font-lock-builtin-face' "Remaining" 0-length constructs, multipliers
?+*{}, not-capturing parens, leading
backslashes of escape sequences
`font-lock-variable-name-face' Interpolated constructs, embedded code,
POSIX classes (inside charclasses)
`font-lock-comment-face' Embedded comments