conf-mode-map is a variable defined in `conf-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Local keymap for `conf-mode' buffers.


(keymap (menu-bar keymap (sh-script "Conf" keymap (conf-align-assignments menu-item "Align assignments" conf-align-assignments :help "Align assignments") (conf-quote-normal menu-item "Set quote syntax normal" conf-quote-normal :help "Set the syntax of ' and \" to punctuation") (c-s0 "--") (conf-xdefaults-mode menu-item "Xdefaults mode" conf-xdefaults-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Xdefaults files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-xdefaults-mode)) (conf-unix-mode menu-item "Unix mode" conf-unix-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Unix style Conf files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-unix-mode)) (conf-colon-mode menu-item "Colon mode" conf-colon-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Colon files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-colon-mode)) (conf-ppd-mode menu-item "PPD mode" conf-ppd-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Adobe/CUPS PPD files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-ppd-mode)) (conf-space-keywords menu-item "Space keywords mode..." conf-space-keywords :help "Enter Conf Space mode using regexp KEYWORDS to match the keywords" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-space-keywords)) (conf-javaprop-mode menu-item "Java properties mode" conf-javaprop-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Java properties files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-javaprop-mode)) (conf-windows-mode menu-item "Windows mode" conf-windows-mode :help "Conf Mode starter for Windows style Conf files" :button (:radio eq major-mode 'conf-windows-mode)))) (3 keymap (1 . conf-align-assignments) (39 . conf-quote-normal) (34 . conf-quote-normal) (17 . conf-quote-normal) (16 . conf-ppd-mode) (24 . conf-xdefaults-mode) (58 . conf-colon-mode) (3 . conf-colon-mode) (32 . conf-space-keywords) (19 . conf-space-keywords) (10 . conf-javaprop-mode) (23 . conf-windows-mode) (21 . conf-unix-mode)))