compilation-menu-map is a variable defined in `compile.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Not documented as a variable.


(keymap (compilation-next-error menu-item "Next Error" next-error :help "Visit next `next-error' message and corresponding source code") (compilation-previous-error menu-item "Previous Error" previous-error :help "Visit previous `next-error' message and corresponding source code") (compilation-first-error menu-item "First Error" first-error :help "Restart at the first error, visit corresponding source code") (compilation-mode-separator2 "----") (compilation-skip "Skip Less Important Messages" keymap (compilation-skip-warning-and-info menu-item "Skip Warnings and Info" (lambda nil (interactive) (customize-set-variable 'compilation-skip-threshold 2)) :help "Skip over Warnings and Info, stop for errors" :button (:radio eq compilation-skip-threshold 2)) (compilation-skip-info menu-item "Skip Info" (lambda nil (interactive) (customize-set-variable 'compilation-skip-threshold 1)) :help "Skip anything less than warning" :button (:radio eq compilation-skip-threshold 1)) (compilation-skip-none menu-item "Don't Skip Any Messages" (lambda nil (interactive) (customize-set-variable 'compilation-skip-threshold 0)) :help "Do not skip any type of messages" :button (:radio eq compilation-skip-threshold 0)) "Skip") (compilation-next-error-follow-minor-mode menu-item "Auto Error Display" next-error-follow-minor-mode :help "Display the error under cursor when moving the cursor" :button (:toggle . next-error-follow-minor-mode)) (compilation-mode-separator3 "----") (stop-subjob menu-item "Stop Compilation" kill-compilation :help "Kill the process made by the M-x compile or M-x grep commands") "Errors")