checkdoc-minor-mode-map is a variable defined in `checkdoc.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Keymap used to override evaluation key-bindings for documentation checking.


(keymap (3 keymap (63 keymap (32 . checkdoc-rogue-spaces) (67 . checkdoc-ispell-comments) (99 . checkdoc-comments) (77 . checkdoc-ispell-message-text) (109 . checkdoc-message-text) (101 . checkdoc-eval-current-buffer) (66 . checkdoc-ispell-current-buffer) (98 . checkdoc-current-buffer) (68 . checkdoc-ispell) (100 . checkdoc) (83 . checkdoc-ispell-start) (115 . checkdoc-start) (126 . checkdoc-ispell-continue) (96 . checkdoc-continue) (88 . checkdoc-ispell-defun) (120 . checkdoc-defun))) (menu-bar keymap (CheckDoc menu-item "CheckDoc" (keymap "CheckDoc" (Interactive\ Buffer\ Style\ Check menu-item "Interactive Buffer Style Check" checkdoc) (Interactive\ Buffer\ Style\ and\ Spelling\ Check menu-item "Interactive Buffer Style and Spelling Check" checkdoc-ispell) (Check\ Buffer menu-item "Check Buffer" checkdoc-current-buffer) (Check\ and\ Spell\ Buffer menu-item "Check and Spell Buffer" checkdoc-ispell-current-buffer) (nil-9 menu-item "---") (Interactive\ Style\ Check menu-item "Interactive Style Check" checkdoc-interactive) (Interactive\ Style\ and\ Spelling\ Check menu-item "Interactive Style and Spelling Check" checkdoc-ispell-interactive) (Find\ First\ Style\ Error menu-item "Find First Style Error" checkdoc-start) (Find\ First\ Style\ or\ Spelling\ \ Error menu-item "Find First Style or Spelling Error" checkdoc-ispell-start) (Next\ Style\ Error menu-item "Next Style Error" checkdoc-continue) (Next\ Style\ or\ Spelling\ \ Error menu-item "Next Style or Spelling Error" checkdoc-ispell-continue) (Interactive\ Message\ Text\ Style\ Check menu-item "Interactive Message Text Style Check" checkdoc-message-interactive) (Interactive\ Message\ Text\ Style\ and\ Spelling\ Check menu-item "Interactive Message Text Style and Spelling Check" checkdoc-ispell-message-interactive) (Check\ Message\ Text menu-item "Check Message Text" checkdoc-message-text) (Check\ and\ Spell\ Message\ Text menu-item "Check and Spell Message Text" checkdoc-ispell-message-text) (Check\ Comment\ Style menu-item "Check Comment Style" checkdoc-comments :enable buffer-file-name) (Check\ Comment\ Style\ and\ Spelling menu-item "Check Comment Style and Spelling" checkdoc-ispell-comments :enable buffer-file-name) (Check\ for\ Rogue\ Spaces menu-item "Check for Rogue Spaces" checkdoc-rogue-spaces) (nil-9-18 menu-item "---") (Check\ Defun menu-item "Check Defun" checkdoc-defun) (Check\ and\ Spell\ Defun menu-item "Check and Spell Defun" checkdoc-ispell-defun) (Check\ and\ Evaluate\ Defun menu-item "Check and Evaluate Defun" checkdoc-eval-defun) (Check\ and\ Evaluate\ Buffer menu-item "Check and Evaluate Buffer" checkdoc-eval-current-buffer))) (emacs-lisp keymap (eval-buffer . checkdoc-eval-current-buffer))) (24 keymap (96 . checkdoc-continue)) (27 keymap (24 . checkdoc-eval-defun)))