cedet-menu-map is a variable defined in `cedet.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Menu keymap for the CEDET package.
This is used by `semantic-mode' and `global-ede-mode'.


(keymap (ede-build-forms-menu menu-item "Build Project" ede-build-forms-menu :filter ede-build-forms-menu :enable ede-object :visible global-ede-mode) (ede-project-options menu-item "Project Options" ede-project-options :filter ede-project-forms-menu :visible global-ede-mode) (ede-target-options menu-item "Target Options" ede-target-options :filter ede-target-forms-menu :visible global-ede-mode) (ede-new menu-item "Create Project" ede-new :enable (not ede-object) :visible global-ede-mode) (ede menu-item "Load Project" ede :visible global-ede-mode) (ede-speedbar menu-item "View Project Tree" ede-speedbar :enable ede-object :visible global-ede-mode) (ede-find-file menu-item "Find File in Project..." ede-find-file :enable ede-object :visible global-ede-mode) (cedet-menu-separator . undefined) (global-semanticdb-minor-mode menu-item "Semantic Database" global-semanticdb-minor-mode :help "Store tag information in a database" :visible semantic-mode :button (:toggle . global-semanticdb-minor-mode)) (global-semantic-idle-scheduler-mode menu-item "Reparse When Idle" global-semantic-idle-scheduler-mode :help "Keep a buffer's parse tree up to date when idle" :visible semantic-mode :button (:toggle . global-semantic-idle-scheduler-mode)) (global-semantic-idle-summary-mode menu-item "Show Tag Summaries" global-semantic-idle-summary-mode :help "Show tag summaries when idle" :visible semantic-mode :enable global-semantic-idle-scheduler-mode :button (:toggle . global-semantic-idle-summary-mode)) (global-semantic-idle-completions-mode menu-item "Show Tag Completions" global-semantic-idle-completions-mode :help "Show tag completions when idle" :visible semantic-mode :enable global-semantic-idle-scheduler-mode :button (:toggle . global-semantic-idle-completions-mode)) (global-semantic-decoration-mode menu-item "Decorate Tags" global-semantic-decoration-mode :help "Decorate tags based on tag attributes" :visible semantic-mode :button (:toggle bound-and-true-p global-semantic-decoration-mode)) (global-semantic-stickyfunc-mode menu-item "Stick Top Tag to Headerline" global-semantic-stickyfunc-mode :help "Stick the tag scrolled off the top of the buffer into the header line" :visible semantic-mode :button (:toggle bound-and-true-p global-semantic-stickyfunc-mode)) (global-semantic-highlight-func-mode menu-item "Highlight Current Function" global-semantic-highlight-func-mode :help "Highlight the tag at point" :visible semantic-mode :button (:toggle . global-semantic-highlight-func-mode)) (semantic-options-separator "--") (navigate-menu menu-item "Navigate Tags" (keymap (senator-previous-tag menu-item "Previous Tag" senator-previous-tag :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Go to the previous tag") (senator-next-tag menu-item "Next Tag" senator-next-tag :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Go to the next tag") (senator-go-to-up-reference menu-item "Parent Tag" senator-go-to-up-reference :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Navigate up one reference by tag") (semantic-navigation-separator "--") (semantic-complete-jump-local menu-item "Find Tag in This Buffer..." semantic-complete-jump-local :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Read a tag name and find it in this buffer") (semantic-complete-jump-local-members menu-item "Find Local Members ..." semantic-complete-jump-local-members :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Read a tag name and find a local member with that name") (semantic-complete-jump menu-item "Find Tag Globally..." semantic-complete-jump :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Read a tag name and find it in the current project") (semantic-symref-symbol menu-item "Find Tag References..." semantic-symref-symbol :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Read a tag and list the references to it") (semantic-narrow-to-defun-separator "--") (senator-narrow-to-defun menu-item "Narrow to Tag" senator-narrow-to-defun :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Narrow the buffer to the bounds of the current tag") "Navigate Tags") :visible semantic-mode) (semantic-edit-menu menu-item "Edit Tags" (keymap (senator-kill-tag menu-item "Kill Tag" senator-kill-tag :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Kill the current tag, and copy it to the tag ring") (senator-copy-tag menu-item "Copy Tag" senator-copy-tag :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Copy the current tag to the tag ring") (senator-copy-tag-to-register menu-item "Copy Tag To Register" senator-copy-tag-to-register :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Yank the head of the tag ring into the buffer") (senator-yank-tag menu-item "Yank Tag" senator-yank-tag :enable (and (boundp 'senator-tag-ring) (not (ring-empty-p senator-tag-ring))) :help "Yank the head of the tag ring into the buffer") (semantic-edit-separator "--") (senator-transpose-tags-up menu-item "Transpose Tags Up" senator-transpose-tags-up :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Transpose the current tag and the previous tag") (senator-transpose-tags-down menu-item "Transpose Tags Down" senator-transpose-tags-down :enable (and (semantic-active-p) (semantic-current-tag)) :help "Transpose the current tag and the next tag") (semantic-completion-separator "--") (semantic-complete-analyze-inline menu-item "Complete Tag Inline" semantic-complete-analyze-inline :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Display inline completion for the tag at point") (semantic-analyze-possible-completions menu-item "List Completions" semantic-analyze-possible-completions :enable (semantic-active-p) :help "Display a list of completions for the tag at point") "Edit Tags") :visible semantic-mode) (semantic-force-refresh menu-item "Reparse Buffer" semantic-force-refresh :help "Force a full reparse of the current buffer" :visible semantic-mode :enable (semantic-active-p)) "CEDET menu")