cal-menu-scroll-menu is a variable defined in `cal-menu.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Key map for "Scroll" menu in the calendar.


("Scroll" ["Scroll Commands" nil :help "Commands that scroll the visible window"] ["Forward 1 Month" calendar-scroll-left] ["Forward 3 Months" calendar-scroll-left-three-months] ["Forward 1 Year" (calendar-scroll-left 12) :keys "4 C-v"] ["Backward 1 Month" calendar-scroll-right] ["Backward 3 Months" calendar-scroll-right-three-months] ["Backward 1 Year" (calendar-scroll-right 12) :keys "4 M-v"] "--" ["Motion Commands" nil :help "Commands that move point"] ["Forward 1 Day" calendar-forward-day] ["Forward 1 Week" calendar-forward-week] ["Forward 1 Month" calendar-forward-month] ["Forward 1 Year" calendar-forward-year] ["Backward 1 Day" calendar-backward-day] ["Backward 1 Week" calendar-backward-week] ["Backward 1 Month" calendar-backward-month] ["Backward 1 Year" calendar-backward-year])