cal-menu-global-mouse-menu is a variable defined in `cal-menu.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Menu bound to a mouse event, not specific to the mouse-click location.


(keymap "Calendar" (Scroll\ forward menu-item "Scroll forward" calendar-scroll-left-three-months) (Scroll\ backward menu-item "Scroll backward" calendar-scroll-right-three-months) (Mark\ diary\ entries menu-item "Mark diary entries" diary-mark-entries) (List\ holidays menu-item "List holidays" calendar-list-holidays) (Mark\ holidays menu-item "Mark holidays" calendar-mark-holidays) (Unmark menu-item "Unmark" calendar-unmark) (Lunar\ phases menu-item "Lunar phases" calendar-lunar-phases) (Sunrise\ times\ for\ month menu-item "Sunrise times for month" calendar-sunrise-sunset-month) (Show\ diary menu-item "Show diary" diary-show-all-entries) (Exit\ calendar menu-item "Exit calendar" calendar-exit))