c-objc-menu is a variable defined in `cc-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.

ObjC Mode Commands


(keymap "ObjC" (Comment\ Out\ Region menu-item "Comment Out Region" comment-region :enable (c-fn-region-is-active-p)) (Uncomment\ Region menu-item "Uncomment Region" menu-function-143 :key-sequence nil :enable (c-fn-region-is-active-p)) (Indent\ Expression menu-item "Indent Expression" c-indent-exp :enable (memq (char-after) '(40 91 123))) (Indent\ Line\ or\ Region menu-item "Indent Line or Region" c-indent-line-or-region) (Fill\ Comment\ Paragraph menu-item "Fill Comment Paragraph" c-fill-paragraph) (nil menu-item "----") (Backward\ Statement menu-item "Backward Statement" c-beginning-of-statement) (Forward\ Statement menu-item "Forward Statement" c-end-of-statement) (Up\ Conditional menu-item "Up Conditional" c-up-conditional) (Backward\ Conditional menu-item "Backward Conditional" c-backward-conditional) (Forward\ Conditional menu-item "Forward Conditional" c-forward-conditional) (nil-11 menu-item "----") (Macro\ Expand\ Region menu-item "Macro Expand Region" c-macro-expand :enable (c-fn-region-is-active-p)) (Backslashify menu-item "Backslashify" c-backslash-region :enable (c-fn-region-is-active-p)) (nil-14 menu-item "----") (Style\.\.\. menu-item "Style..." (keymap "Style..." (Set\ Style\.\.\. menu-item "Set Style..." c-set-style) (Show\ Current\ Style\ Name menu-item "Show Current Style Name" menu-function-144 :key-sequence nil) (Guess\ Style\ from\ this\ Buffer menu-item "Guess Style from this Buffer" c-guess-buffer-no-install) (Install\ the\ Last\ Guessed\ Style\.\.\. menu-item "Install the Last Guessed Style..." c-guess-install :enable (and c-guess-guessed-offsets-alist c-guess-guessed-basic-offset)) (View\ the\ Last\ Guessed\ Style menu-item "View the Last Guessed Style" c-guess-view :enable (and c-guess-guessed-offsets-alist c-guess-guessed-basic-offset)))) (nil-16 menu-item "----") (Toggle\.\.\. menu-item "Toggle..." (keymap "Toggle..." (Syntactic\ indentation menu-item "Syntactic indentation" c-toggle-syntactic-indentation :button (:toggle . c-syntactic-indentation)) (Electric\ mode menu-item "Electric mode" c-toggle-electric-state :button (:toggle . c-electric-flag)) (Auto\ newline menu-item "Auto newline" c-toggle-auto-newline :button (:toggle . c-auto-newline)) (Hungry\ delete menu-item "Hungry delete" c-toggle-hungry-state :button (:toggle . c-hungry-delete-key)) (Subword\ mode menu-item "Subword mode" c-subword-mode :button (:toggle and (boundp 'c-subword-mode) c-subword-mode)))))