byte-compile-cl-functions is a variable defined in `bytecomp.el'.
Its value is

(cl-struct-setf-expander cl-maclisp-member cl-set-getf cl-map-extents cl-map-intervals cl-map-keymap-recursively cl-hash-table-count cl-hash-table-p cl-make-hash-table cl-maphash cl-clrhash cl-remhash cl-puthash cl-gethash cl-copy-tree cl-map-keymap cl-not-hash-table cl-macroexpand-all cl-macroexpand define-modify-macro defsetf define-setf-expander cl--gv-adapt labels flet lexical-let* lexical-let cl--function-convert cl--pass-args-to-cl-declare cl--wrap-in-nil-block incf decf pushnew values values-list multiple-value-list multiple-value-apply multiple-value-call nth-value proclaim declaim floatp-safe plusp minusp oddp evenp copy-seq svref first second rest endp third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth caaar caadr cadar caddr cdaar cdadr cddar cdddr caaaar caaadr caadar caaddr cadaar cadadr caddar cadddr cdaaar cdaadr cdadar cdaddr cddaar cddadr cdddar cddddr list* ldiff copy-list adjoin subst acons pairlis gensym gentemp destructuring-bind eval-when load-time-value case ecase typecase etypecase block return return-from loop do do* do-symbols do-all-symbols psetq progv macrolet symbol-macrolet multiple-value-bind multiple-value-setq locally the define-setf-method psetf remf shiftf rotatef letf letf* callf callf2 defstruct deftype typep check-type assert define-compiler-macro compiler-macroexpand reduce fill replace remove-if remove-if-not delete-if delete-if-not remove-duplicates delete-duplicates substitute substitute-if substitute-if-not nsubstitute nsubstitute-if nsubstitute-if-not find find-if find-if-not position position-if position-if-not count count-if count-if-not mismatch search stable-sort merge member-if member-if-not assoc-if assoc-if-not rassoc-if rassoc-if-not union nunion intersection nintersection set-difference nset-difference set-exclusive-or nset-exclusive-or subsetp subst-if subst-if-not nsubst nsubst-if nsubst-if-not sublis nsublis tree-equal coerce equalp map maplist mapl mapcan mapcon some every notany notevery gcd lcm isqrt signum make-random-state random-state-p subseq concatenate revappend nreconc list-length tailp getf remprop mapcar* defun* defmacro* function* sort* defsubst* remove* delete* member* assoc* rassoc* floor* ceiling* truncate* round* mod* rem* random* get* cl-unload-function)

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

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