bs-attributes-list is a variable defined in `bs.el'.
Its value is shown below.

List specifying the layout of a Buffer Selection Menu buffer.
Each entry specifies a column and is a list of the form of:

HEADER : String for header for first line or a function
which calculates column title.
MINIMUM-LENGTH : Minimum width of column (number or name of function).
The function must return a positive integer.
MAXIMUM-LENGTH : Maximum width of column (number or name of function)
(currently ignored).
ALIGNMENT : Alignment of column (`left', `right', `middle').
FUN-OR-STRING : Name of a function for calculating the value or a
string for a constant value.

The function gets as parameter the buffer where we have started
buffer selection and the list of all buffers to show. The function must
return a string representing the column's value.

You can customize this variable.


(("" 1 1 left bs--get-marked-string) ("M" 1 1 left bs--get-modified-string) ("R" 2 2 left bs--get-readonly-string) ("Buffer" bs--get-name-length 10 left bs--get-name) ("" 1 1 left " ") ("Size" 8 8 right bs--get-size-string) ("" 1 1 left " ") ("Mode" 12 12 right bs--get-mode-name) ("" 2 2 left " ") ("File" 12 12 left bs--get-file-name) ("" 2 2 left " "))