bookmark-alist is a variable defined in `bookmark.el'.
Its value is

Association list of bookmarks and their records.
Bookmark functions update the value automatically.
You probably do NOT want to change the value yourself.

The value is an alist with entries of the form


or the deprecated form (BOOKMARK-NAME PARAM-ALIST).

BOOKMARK-NAME is the name you gave to the bookmark when creating it.

PARAM-ALIST is an alist of bookmark information. The order of the
entries in PARAM-ALIST is not important. The possible entries are
described below. An entry with a key but null value means the entry
is not used.

(filename . FILENAME)
(position . POS)
(front-context-string . STR-AFTER-POS)
(rear-context-string . STR-BEFORE-POS)
(handler . HANDLER)
(annotation . ANNOTATION)

FILENAME names the bookmarked file.
POS is the bookmarked buffer position (position in the file).
STR-AFTER-POS is buffer text that immediately follows POS.
STR-BEFORE-POS is buffer text that immediately precedes POS.
ANNOTATION is a string that describes the bookmark.
See options `bookmark-use-annotations' and
HANDLER is a function that provides the bookmark-jump behavior for a
specific kind of bookmark. This is the case for Info bookmarks,
for instance. HANDLER must accept a bookmark as argument.