bibtex-predefined-strings is a variable defined in `bibtex.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Alist of string definitions used in the BibTeX style files.
Each element is a pair of strings (ABBREVIATION . EXPANSION).

You can customize this variable.


(("jan" . "January") ("feb" . "February") ("mar" . "March") ("apr" . "April") ("may" . "May") ("jun" . "June") ("jul" . "July") ("aug" . "August") ("sep" . "September") ("oct" . "October") ("nov" . "November") ("dec" . "December") ("acmcs" . "ACM Computing Surveys") ("acta" . "Acta Informatica") ("cacm" . "Communications of the ACM") ("ibmjrd" . "IBM Journal of Research and Development") ("ibmsj" . "IBM Systems Journal") ("ieeese" . "IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering") ("ieeetc" . "IEEE Transactions on Computers") ("ieeetcad" . "IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits") ("ipl" . "Information Processing Letters") ("jacm" . "Journal of the ACM") ("jcss" . "Journal of Computer and System Sciences") ("scp" . "Science of Computer Programming") ("sicomp" . "SIAM Journal on Computing") ("tcs" . "Theoretical Computer Science") ("tocs" . "ACM Transactions on Computer Systems") ("tods" . "ACM Transactions on Database Systems") ("tog" . "ACM Transactions on Graphics") ("toms" . "ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software") ("toois" . "ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems") ("toplas" . "ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems"))