bat-mode-map is a variable defined in `bat-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Keymap for `bat-mode'.


(keymap (3 keymap (22 . bat-run) (20 . bat-template) (3 . bat-run) (1 . bat-run-args) (67108911 . bat-cmd-help)) (menu-bar keymap (Bat menu-item "Bat" (keymap "Bat" (Run menu-item "Run" bat-run :help "Run script") (Run\ with\ Args menu-item "Run with Args" bat-run-args :help "Run script with args") (nil-7 menu-item "--") (Imenu menu-item "Imenu" imenu :help "Navigate with imenu") (nil-7-4 menu-item "--") (Template menu-item "Template" bat-template :help "Insert template") (nil-7-6 menu-item "--") (Help\ \(Command\) menu-item "Help (Command)" bat-cmd-help :help "Show help page for DOS command")))))