bad-packages-alist is a variable defined in `simple.el'.
Its value is

((semantic semantic-version "\\`2\\.0pre[1-3]\\'" "The version of `semantic' loaded does not work in Emacs 22.\nIt can cause constant high CPU load.\nUpgrade to at least Semantic 2.0pre4 (distributed with CEDET 1.0pre4).") (CUA-mode t nil "CUA-mode is now part of the standard GNU Emacs distribution,\nso you can now enable CUA via the Options menu or by customizing `cua-mode'.\n\nYou have loaded an older version of CUA-mode which does not work\ncorrectly with this version of Emacs. You should remove the old\nversion and use the one distributed with Emacs."))

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Alist of packages known to cause problems in this version of Emacs.
Each element has the form (PACKAGE SYMBOL REGEXP STRING).
PACKAGE is either a regular expression to match file names, or a
symbol (a feature name), like for `with-eval-after-load'.
SYMBOL is either the name of a string variable, or `t'. Upon
loading PACKAGE, if SYMBOL is t or matches REGEXP, display a
warning using STRING as the message.