allout-prefixed-keybindings is a variable defined in `allout.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Allout-mode key bindings that are prefixed with `allout-command-prefix'.

See `allout-unprefixed-keybindings' for the list of keybindings
that are not prefixed.

Use vector format for the keys:
- put literal keys after a '?' question mark, eg: '?a', '?.'
- enclose control, shift, or meta-modified keys as sequences within
parentheses, with the literal key, as above, preceded by the name(s)
of the modifiers, eg: [(control ?a)]
See the existing keys for examples.

Functions can be bound to multiple keys, but binding keys to
multiple functions will not work - the last binding for a key

You can customize this variable.

This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in version 24.1 of Emacs.


(("[(control ?n)]" allout-next-visible-heading) ("[(control ?p)]" allout-previous-visible-heading) ("[(control ?u)]" allout-up-current-level) ("[(control ?f)]" allout-forward-current-level) ("[(control ?b)]" allout-backward-current-level) ("[(control ?a)]" allout-beginning-of-current-entry) ("[(control ?e)]" allout-end-of-entry) ("[(control ?i)]" allout-show-children) ("[(control ?s)]" allout-show-current-subtree) ("[(control ?t)]" allout-toggle-current-subtree-exposure) ("[?h]" allout-hide-current-subtree) ("[(control ?o)]" allout-show-current-entry) ("[?!]" allout-show-all) ("[?x]" allout-toggle-current-subtree-encryption) ("[? ]" allout-open-sibtopic) ("[?.]" allout-open-subtopic) ("[?,]" allout-open-supertopic) ("[?']" allout-shift-in) ("[?>]" allout-shift-in) ("[?<]" allout-shift-out) ("[(control ?m)]" allout-rebullet-topic) ("[?*]" allout-rebullet-current-heading) ("[?#]" allout-number-siblings) ("[(control ?k)]" allout-kill-topic) ("[(meta ?k)]" allout-copy-topic-as-kill) ("[?@]" allout-resolve-xref) ("[?=?c]" allout-copy-exposed-to-buffer) ("[?=?i]" allout-indented-exposed-to-buffer) ("[?=?t]" allout-latexify-exposed) ("[?=?p]" allout-flatten-exposed-to-buffer))