allout-item-body-keymap is a variable defined in `allout-widgets.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • Automatically becomes buffer-local when set.

General key bindings for the text content of outline items.


(keymap keymap (menu-bar keymap (lisp-interaction "Lisp-Interaction" keymap (complete-symbol menu-item "Complete Lisp Symbol" completion-at-point :help "Perform completion on Lisp symbol preceding point") (indent-pp-sexp menu-item "Indent or Pretty-Print" indent-pp-sexp :help "Indent each line of the list starting just after point, or prettyprint it") (edebug-defun-lisp-interaction menu-item "Instrument Function for Debugging" edebug-defun :help "Evaluate the top level form point is in, stepping through with Edebug" :keys "C-u C-M-x") (eval-print-last-sexp menu-item "Evaluate and Print" eval-print-last-sexp :help "Evaluate sexp before point; print value into current buffer") (eval-defun menu-item "Evaluate Defun" eval-defun :help "Evaluate the top-level form containing point, or after point") "Lisp-Interaction")) (10 . eval-print-last-sexp) (27 keymap (9 . completion-at-point) (17 . indent-pp-sexp) (24 . eval-defun)) keymap (127 . backward-delete-char-untabify) (27 keymap (17 . indent-sexp)) keymap (27 keymap (17 . prog-indent-sexp)))