align-rules-list-type is a variable defined in `align.el'.
Its value is shown below.

The `type' form for any `align-rules-list' variable.


(repeat (cons :tag "Alignment rule" (symbol :tag "Title") (cons :tag "Required attributes" (cons :tag "Regexp" (const :tag "(Regular expression to match)" regexp) (choice :value "\\(\\s-+\\)" regexp function)) (repeat :tag "Optional attributes" (choice (cons :tag "Repeat" (const :tag "(Repeat this rule throughout line)" repeat) (boolean :value t)) (cons :tag "Paren group" (const :tag "(Parenthesis group to use)" group) (choice :value 2 integer (repeat integer))) (cons :tag "Modes" (const :tag "(Modes where this rule applies)" modes) (sexp :value (text-mode))) (cons :tag "Case-fold" (const :tag "(Should case be ignored for this rule)" case-fold) (boolean :value t)) (cons :tag "To Tab Stop" (const :tag "(Should rule align to tab stops)" tab-stop) (boolean :value nil)) (cons :tag "Valid" (const :tag "(Return non-nil if rule is valid)" valid) (function :value t)) (cons :tag "Run If" (const :tag "(Return non-nil if rule should run)" run-if) (function :value t)) (cons :tag "Column" (const :tag "(Column to fix alignment at)" column) (choice :value comment-column integer symbol)) (cons :tag "Spacing" (const :tag "(Amount of spacing to use)" spacing) (integer :value 1)) (cons :tag "Justify" (const :tag "(Should text be right justified)" justify) (boolean :value t)) (cons :tag "Separate" (const :tag "(Separation to use for this rule)" separate) (choice :value "^\\s-*$" (const entire) (const group) regexp function)))))))