after-init-hook is a variable defined in `startup.el'.
Its value is

(#[0 "\305\211\235\203\306\"\301\307!\210\210 \205(\n\205 \205 \310 ?\311 \210\312\211)\207" [command-line-args desktop-save-mode desktop-restore-frames initial-window-system inhibit-startup-screen "--no-desktop" delete 0 daemonp desktop-read t] 4] table--make-cell-map)

  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Normal hook run after initializing the Emacs session.
It is run after Emacs loads the init file, `default' library, the
abbrevs file, and additional Lisp packages (if any), and setting
the value of `after-init-time'.

There is no `condition-case' around the running of this hook;
therefore, if `debug-on-error' is non-nil, an error in one of
these functions will invoke the debugger.