ada-mode-map is a variable defined in `ada-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Local keymap used for Ada mode.


(keymap (menu-bar keymap (Ada menu-item "Ada" (keymap "Ada" (Help menu-item "Help" (keymap "Help" (Ada\ Mode menu-item "Ada Mode" menu-function-270 :key-sequence nil) (GNAT\ User\'s\ Guide menu-item "GNAT User's Guide" menu-function-271 :key-sequence nil :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (GNAT\ Reference\ Manual menu-item "GNAT Reference Manual" menu-function-272 :key-sequence nil :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Gcc\ Documentation menu-item "Gcc Documentation" menu-function-273 :key-sequence nil :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Gdb\ Documentation menu-item "Gdb Documentation" menu-function-274 :key-sequence nil :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Ada95\ Reference\ Manual menu-item "Ada95 Reference Manual" menu-function-275 :key-sequence nil))) (Options menu-item "Options" (keymap "Options" (Auto\ Casing menu-item "Auto Casing" menu-function-276 :key-sequence nil :button (:toggle . ada-auto-case)) (Auto\ Indent\ After\ Return menu-item "Auto Indent After Return" menu-function-277 :key-sequence nil :button (:toggle . ada-indent-after-return)) (Automatically\ Recompile\ For\ Cross-references menu-item "Automatically Recompile For Cross-references" menu-function-278 :key-sequence nil :visible (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat) :button (:toggle . ada-xref-create-ali)) (Confirm\ Commands menu-item "Confirm Commands" menu-function-279 :key-sequence nil :visible (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat) :button (:toggle . ada-xref-confirm-compile)) (Show\ Cross-references\ In\ Other\ Buffer menu-item "Show Cross-references In Other Buffer" menu-function-280 :key-sequence nil :visible (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat) :button (:toggle . ada-xref-other-buffer)) (Tight\ Integration\ With\ GNU\ Visual\ Debugger menu-item "Tight Integration With GNU Visual Debugger" menu-function-281 :key-sequence nil :visible (string-match "gvd" ada-prj-default-debugger) :button (:toggle . ada-tight-gvd-integration))) :visible (derived-mode-p 'ada-mode)) (Customize menu-item "Customize" menu-function-283 :key-sequence nil :visible (fboundp 'customize-group)) (Check\ file menu-item "Check file" ada-check-current) (Compile\ file menu-item "Compile file" ada-compile-current) (Set\ main\ and\ Build menu-item "Set main and Build" ada-set-main-compile-application) (Show\ main menu-item "Show main" ada-show-current-main) (Build menu-item "Build" ada-compile-application) (Run menu-item "Run" ada-run-application) (Debug menu-item "Debug" ada-gdb-application :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (------ menu-item "------" nil :enable 'nil) (Project menu-item "Project" (keymap "Project" (Show\ project menu-item "Show project" ada-show-current-project) (Load\.\.\. menu-item "Load..." ada-set-default-project-file) (New\.\.\. menu-item "New..." ada-prj-new) (Edit\.\.\. menu-item "Edit..." ada-prj-edit))) (Goto menu-item "Goto" (keymap "Goto" (Goto\ Declaration/Body menu-item "Goto Declaration/Body" ada-goto-declaration :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Goto\ Body menu-item "Goto Body" ada-goto-body :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Goto\ Declaration\ Other\ Frame menu-item "Goto Declaration Other Frame" ada-goto-declaration-other-frame :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Goto\ Previous\ Reference menu-item "Goto Previous Reference" ada-xref-goto-previous-reference :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (List\ Local\ References menu-item "List Local References" ada-find-local-references :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (List\ References menu-item "List References" ada-find-references :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Goto\ Reference\ To\ Any\ Entity menu-item "Goto Reference To Any Entity" ada-find-any-references :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (Goto\ Parent\ Unit menu-item "Goto Parent Unit" ada-goto-parent :enable (eq ada-which-compiler 'gnat)) (---14 menu-item "--" nil :enable 'nil) (Next\ compilation\ error menu-item "Next compilation error" next-error) (Previous\ Package menu-item "Previous Package" ada-previous-package) (Next\ Package menu-item "Next Package" ada-next-package) (Previous\ Procedure menu-item "Previous Procedure" ada-previous-procedure) (Next\ Procedure menu-item "Next Procedure" ada-next-procedure) (Goto\ Start\ Of\ Statement menu-item "Goto Start Of Statement" ada-move-to-start) (Goto\ End\ Of\ Statement menu-item "Goto End Of Statement" ada-move-to-end) (- menu-item "-" nil :enable 'nil) (Other\ File menu-item "Other File" ff-find-other-file) (Other\ File\ Other\ Window menu-item "Other File Other Window" ada-ff-other-window)) :visible (derived-mode-p 'ada-mode)) (Edit menu-item "Edit" (keymap "Edit" (Search\ File\ On\ Source\ Path menu-item "Search File On Source Path" ada-find-file) (------ menu-item "------" nil :enable 'nil) (Complete\ Identifier menu-item "Complete Identifier" ada-complete-identifier) (----- menu-item "-----" nil :enable 'nil) (Indent\ Line menu-item "Indent Line" ada-indent-current-function) (Justify\ Current\ Indentation menu-item "Justify Current Indentation" ada-justified-indent-current) (Indent\ Lines\ in\ Selection menu-item "Indent Lines in Selection" ada-indent-region) (Indent\ Lines\ in\ File menu-item "Indent Lines in File" menu-function-285 :key-sequence nil) (Format\ Parameter\ List menu-item "Format Parameter List" ada-format-paramlist) (- menu-item "-" nil :enable 'nil) (Comment\ Selection menu-item "Comment Selection" comment-region) (Uncomment\ Selection menu-item "Uncomment Selection" ada-uncomment-region) (---14 menu-item "--" nil :enable 'nil) (Fill\ Comment\ Paragraph menu-item "Fill Comment Paragraph" fill-paragraph) (Fill\ Comment\ Paragraph\ Justify menu-item "Fill Comment Paragraph Justify" ada-fill-comment-paragraph-justify) (Fill\ Comment\ Paragraph\ Postfix menu-item "Fill Comment Paragraph Postfix" ada-fill-comment-paragraph-postfix) (--- menu-item "---" nil :enable 'nil) (Adjust\ Case\ Selection menu-item "Adjust Case Selection" ada-adjust-case-region) (Adjust\ Case\ in\ File menu-item "Adjust Case in File" ada-adjust-case-buffer) (Create\ Case\ Exception menu-item "Create Case Exception" ada-create-case-exception) (Create\ Case\ Exception\ Substring menu-item "Create Case Exception Substring" ada-create-case-exception-substring) (Reload\ Case\ Exceptions menu-item "Reload Case Exceptions" ada-case-read-exceptions) (---- menu-item "----" nil :enable 'nil) (Make\ body\ for\ subprogram menu-item "Make body for subprogram" ada-make-subprogram-body) (------24 menu-item "-----" nil :enable 'nil) (Narrow\ to\ subprogram menu-item "Narrow to subprogram" ada-narrow-to-defun)) :visible (derived-mode-p 'ada-mode)) (Templates menu-item "Templates" (keymap "Templates" (Header menu-item "Header" ada-header) (- menu-item "-" nil :enable 'nil) (Package\ Body menu-item "Package Body" ada-package-body) (Package\ Spec menu-item "Package Spec" ada-package-spec) (Function\ Spec menu-item "Function Spec" ada-function-spec) (Procedure\ Spec menu-item "Procedure Spec" ada-procedure-spec) (Proc/func\ Body menu-item "Proc/func Body" ada-subprogram-body) (Task\ Body menu-item "Task Body" ada-task-body) (Task\ Spec menu-item "Task Spec" ada-task-spec) (Declare\ Block menu-item "Declare Block" ada-declare-block) (Exception\ Block menu-item "Exception Block" ada-exception-block) (---14 menu-item "--" nil :enable 'nil) (Entry menu-item "Entry" ada-entry) (Entry\ family menu-item "Entry family" ada-entry-family) (Select menu-item "Select" ada-select) (Accept menu-item "Accept" ada-accept) (Or\ accept menu-item "Or accept" ada-or-accept) (Or\ delay menu-item "Or delay" ada-or-delay) (Or\ terminate menu-item "Or terminate" ada-or-terminate) (--- menu-item "---" nil :enable 'nil) (Type menu-item "Type" ada-type) (Private menu-item "Private" ada-private) (Subtype menu-item "Subtype" ada-subtype) (Record menu-item "Record" ada-record) (Array menu-item "Array" ada-array) (---- menu-item "----" nil :enable 'nil) (If menu-item "If" ada-if) (Else menu-item "Else" ada-else) (Elsif menu-item "Elsif" ada-elsif) (Case menu-item "Case" ada-case) (----- menu-item "-----" nil :enable 'nil) (While\ Loop menu-item "While Loop" ada-while-loop) (For\ Loop menu-item "For Loop" ada-for-loop) (Loop menu-item "Loop" ada-loop) (------ menu-item "------" nil :enable 'nil) (Exception menu-item "Exception" ada-exception) (Exit menu-item "Exit" ada-exit) (When menu-item "When" ada-when)) :visible (derived-mode-p 'ada-mode))))) (24 keymap (110 keymap (100 . ada-narrow-to-defun))) (C-tab . ada-complete-identifier) (S-mouse-3 . ada-point-and-xref) (127 . backward-delete-char-untabify) (27 keymap (1 . ada-previous-procedure) (5 . ada-next-procedure)) (S-tab . ada-untab) (9 . ada-tab) (13 . ada-indent-newline-indent-conditional) (10 . ada-indent-newline-indent-conditional) (3 keymap (22 . ada-check-current) (18 . ada-find-references) (15 . ada-goto-parent) (13 . ada-set-main-compile-application) (19 . ada-xref-goto-previous-reference) (4 . ada-goto-declaration) (53 keymap (4 . ada-goto-declaration-other-frame)) (58 . ada-uncomment-region) (59 . comment-region) (14 . ada-make-subprogram-body) (27 keymap (25 . ada-create-case-exception-substring)) (25 . ada-create-case-exception) (20 . ada-case-read-exceptions) (2 . ada-adjust-case-buffer) (3 . ada-compile-application) (5 . ada-move-to-end) (1 . ada-move-to-start) (6 . ada-format-paramlist) (12 . ada-indent-region) (9 . ada-justified-indent-current) (17 keymap (116 keymap (120 . ada-exit) (24 . ada-exception) (119 . ada-while-loop) (23 . ada-when) (21 . ada-with) (117 . ada-use) (22 . ada-private) (25 . ada-type) (116 . ada-task-body) (20 . ada-task-spec) (83 . ada-tabsize) (19 . ada-subtype) (18 . ada-record) (108 . ada-loop) (105 . ada-if) (102 . ada-for-loop) (6 . ada-function-spec) (112 . ada-subprogram-body) (16 . ada-procedure-spec) (107 . ada-package-body) (11 . ada-package-spec) (101 . ada-else) (5 . ada-elsif) (99 . ada-case) (100 . ada-declare-block) (98 . ada-exception-block) (1 . ada-array) (104 . ada-header)) (117 . ada-prj-edit) (102 . ada-find-file) (108 . ada-find-local-references) (114 . ada-run-application) (103 . ada-gdb-application) (100 . ada-set-default-project-file) (99 . ada-change-prj) (111 . ff-find-other-file))))