ada-contextual-menu is a variable defined in `ada-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Menu to use when the user presses the right mouse button.
The variable `ada-contextual-menu-on-identifier' will be set to t before
displaying the menu if point was on an identifier.


(keymap "Ada" (Goto\ Declaration/Body menu-item "Goto Declaration/Body" ada-point-and-xref :visible ada-contextual-menu-on-identifier) (Goto\ Body menu-item "Goto Body" ada-point-and-xref-body :visible ada-contextual-menu-on-identifier) (Goto\ Previous\ Reference menu-item "Goto Previous Reference" ada-xref-goto-previous-reference) (List\ References menu-item "List References" ada-find-references :visible ada-contextual-menu-on-identifier) (List\ Local\ References menu-item "List Local References" ada-find-local-references :visible ada-contextual-menu-on-identifier) (- menu-item "-" nil :enable 'nil) (Other\ File menu-item "Other File" ff-find-other-file) (Goto\ Parent\ Unit menu-item "Goto Parent Unit" ada-goto-parent))