Info-file-list-for-emacs is a variable defined in `info.el'.
Its value is shown below.

List of Info files that describe Emacs commands.
An element can be a file name, or a list of the form (PREFIX . FILE)
where PREFIX is a name prefix and FILE is the file to look in.
If the element is just a file name, the file name also serves as the prefix.


("ediff" "eudc" "forms" "gnus" "info" ("Info" . "info") ("mh" . "mh-e") "sc" "message" ("dired" . "dired-x") "viper" "vip" "idlwave" ("c" . "ccmode") ("c++" . "ccmode") ("objc" . "ccmode") ("java" . "ccmode") ("idl" . "ccmode") ("pike" . "ccmode") ("skeleton" . "autotype") ("auto-insert" . "autotype") ("copyright" . "autotype") ("executable" . "autotype") ("time-stamp" . "autotype") ("quickurl" . "autotype") ("tempo" . "autotype") ("hippie-expand" . "autotype") ("cvs" . "pcl-cvs") ("ada" . "ada-mode") "calc" ("calcAlg" . "calc") ("calcDigit" . "calc") ("calcVar" . "calc") "ebrowse" "eshell" "cl" "reftex" "speedbar" "widget" "woman" ("mail-header" . "emacs-mime") ("mail-content" . "emacs-mime") ("mail-encode" . "emacs-mime") ("mail-decode" . "emacs-mime") ("rfc2045" . "emacs-mime") ("rfc2231" . "emacs-mime") ("rfc2047" . "emacs-mime") ("rfc2045" . "emacs-mime") ("rfc1843" . "emacs-mime") ("ietf-drums" . "emacs-mime") ("quoted-printable" . "emacs-mime") ("binhex" . "emacs-mime") ("uudecode" . "emacs-mime") ("mailcap" . "emacs-mime") ("mm" . "emacs-mime") ("mml" . "emacs-mime") "tramp" "dbus")