lisp-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `lisp-mode.el'.


Parent mode: `prog-mode'.

Major mode for editing Lisp code for Lisps other than GNU Emacs Lisp.
Delete converts tabs to spaces as it moves back.
Blank lines separate paragraphs. Semicolons start comments.

key binding
--- -------

C-c Prefix Command
C-x Prefix Command
ESC Prefix Command
DEL backward-delete-char-untabify

C-x C-e lisp-eval-last-sexp

C-c C-a lisp-show-arglist
C-c C-c lisp-compile-defun
C-c C-d lisp-describe-sym
C-c C-e lisp-eval-defun
C-c C-f lisp-show-function-documentation
C-c C-k lisp-compile-file
C-c C-l lisp-load-file
C-c C-n lisp-eval-form-and-next
C-c C-p lisp-eval-paragraph
C-c C-r lisp-eval-region
C-c C-v lisp-show-variable-documentation
C-c C-z switch-to-lisp

C-M-x lisp-eval-defun

C-M-q indent-sexp

C-M-q prog-indent-sexp
(that binding is currently shadowed by another mode)

Note that `run-lisp' may be used either to start an inferior Lisp job
or to switch back to an existing one.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode `prog-mode' might have run,
this mode runs the hook `lisp-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.