insert-char is an interactive built-in function in `C source code'.

It is bound to C-x 8 RET.

(insert-char CHARACTER &optional COUNT INHERIT)

Insert COUNT copies of CHARACTER.
Interactively, prompt for CHARACTER. You can specify CHARACTER in one
of these ways:

- As its Unicode character name, e.g. "LATIN SMALL LETTER A".
Completion is available; if you type a substring of the name
preceded by an asterisk `*', Emacs shows all names which include
that substring, not necessarily at the beginning of the name.

- As a hexadecimal code point, e.g. 263A. Note that code points in
Emacs are equivalent to Unicode up to 10FFFF (which is the limit of
the Unicode code space).

- As a code point with a radix specified with #, e.g. #o21430
(octal), #x2318 (hex), or #10r8984 (decimal).

If called interactively, COUNT is given by the prefix argument. If
omitted or nil, it defaults to 1.

Inserting the character(s) relocates point and before-insertion
markers in the same ways as the function `insert'.

The optional third argument INHERIT, if non-nil, says to inherit text
properties from adjoining text, if those properties are sticky. If
called interactively, INHERIT is t.