emacs-lisp-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `elisp-mode.el'.


Parent mode: `prog-mode'.

Major mode for editing Lisp code to run in Emacs.
Delete converts tabs to spaces as it moves back.
Blank lines separate paragraphs. Semicolons start comments.

key binding
--- -------

C-x Prefix Command
ESC Prefix Command
DEL backward-delete-char-untabify

C-x C-a Prefix Command

C-M-i completion-at-point
C-M-q indent-pp-sexp
C-M-x eval-defun

C-M-q indent-sexp
(that binding is currently shadowed by another mode)

C-M-q prog-indent-sexp
(that binding is currently shadowed by another mode)

C-x C-a C-c edebug-go-mode
C-x C-a C-l edebug-where
C-x C-a C-n edebug-next-mode
C-x C-a C-s edebug-step-mode

In addition to any hooks its parent mode `prog-mode' might have run,
this mode runs the hook `emacs-lisp-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.