debugger-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `debug.el'.


Mode for backtrace buffers, selected in debugger.

A line starts with `*' if exiting that frame will call the debugger.
Type b or u to set or remove the `*'.

When in debugger due to frame being exited,
use the r command to override the value
being returned from that frame.

Use M-x debug-on-entry and M-x cancel-debug-on-entry to control
which functions will enter the debugger when called.

Complete list of commands:
key binding
--- -------

0 .. 9 digit-argument

TAB forward-button
RET debug-help-follow
ESC Prefix Command
SPC next-line
- negative-argument
R debugger-record-expression
b debugger-frame
c debugger-continue
d debugger-step-through
e debugger-eval-expression
h describe-mode
j debugger-jump
l debugger-list-functions
q top-level
r debugger-return-value
u debugger-frame-clear
v debugger-toggle-locals
<backtab> backward-button
<mouse-2> push-button
<remap> Prefix Command

C-M-i backward-button

This mode runs the hook `debugger-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.