dcl-calc-cont-indent-relative is a compiled Lisp function in `dcl-mode.el'.

(dcl-calc-cont-indent-relative CUR-INDENT EXTRA-INDENT)

Indent continuation lines to align with words on previous line.

Indent continuation lines to a position relative to preceding
significant command line elements.

Set `dcl-calc-cont-indent-function' to this function to customize
indentation of continuation lines.

Indented lines will align with either:

* the second word on the command line
$ set default -
* the word after an assignment
$ a = b + -
* the third word if it's a qualifier
$ set terminal/width=80 -
* the innermost nonclosed parenthesis
$ if ((a.eq.b .and. -
d.eq.c .or. f$function(xxxx, -