dbus-register-service is a compiled Lisp function in `dbus.el'.

(dbus-register-service BUS SERVICE &rest FLAGS)

Register known name SERVICE on the D-Bus BUS.

BUS is either a Lisp symbol, `:system' or `:session', or a string
denoting the bus address.

SERVICE is the D-Bus service name that should be registered. It must
be a known name.

FLAGS are keywords, which control how the service name is registered.
The following keywords are recognized:

`:allow-replacement': Allow another service to become the primary
owner if requested.

`:replace-existing': Request to replace the current primary owner.

`:do-not-queue': If we can not become the primary owner do not place
us in the queue.

The function returns a keyword, indicating the result of the
operation. One of the following keywords is returned:

`:primary-owner': Service has become the primary owner of the
requested name.

`:in-queue': Service could not become the primary owner and has been
placed in the queue.

`:exists': Service is already in the queue.

`:already-owner': Service is already the primary owner.