cvs-parsed-fileinfo is a compiled Lisp function in `pcvs-parse.el'.

(cvs-parsed-fileinfo TYPE PATH &optional DIRECTORY &rest KEYS)

Create a fileinfo.
TYPE can either be a type symbol or a cons of the form (TYPE . SUBTYPE).
PATH is the filename.
DIRECTORY influences the way PATH is interpreted:
- if a string, it denotes the directory in which PATH (which should then be
a plain file name with no directory component) resides.
- if it's nil, the PATH should not be trusted: if it has a directory
component, use it, else, assume it is relative to the current directory.
- else, the PATH should be trusted to be relative to the root directory
(i.e. if there is no directory component, it means the file is inside
the main directory).
The remaining KEYS are passed directly to `cvs-create-fileinfo'.