cvs-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `pcvs.el'.


Mode used for PCL-CVS, a frontend to CVS.
Full documentation is in the Texinfo file.

This mode runs the hook `cvs-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.

key binding
--- -------

0 .. 9 digit-argument

C-c Prefix Command
TAB cvs-mode-next-line
C-k cvs-mode-acknowledge
RET cvs-mode-find-file
C-o cvs-mode-display-file
ESC Prefix Command
SPC cvs-mode-next-line
! cvs-mode-force-command
% cvs-mode-mark-matching-files
+ cvs-mode-tree
- negative-argument
= cvs-mode-diff
? cvs-help
A cvs-mode-add-change-log-entry-other-window
B cvs-set-secondary-branch-prefix
C cvs-mode-commit-setup
F cvs-mode-set-flags
I cvs-mode-insert
M cvs-mode-mark-all-files
O cvs-mode-update
S cvs-mode-mark-on-state
T cvs-mode-toggle-marks
U cvs-mode-undo
a cvs-mode-add
b cvs-set-branch-prefix
c cvs-mode-commit
d cvs-mode-diff-map
e cvs-mode-examine
f cvs-mode-find-file
g cvs-mode-revert-buffer
h cvs-help
i cvs-mode-ignore
l cvs-mode-log
m cvs-mode-mark
n cvs-mode-next-line
o cvs-mode-find-file-other-window
p cvs-mode-previous-line
q cvs-bury-buffer
r cvs-mode-remove
s cvs-mode-status
t cvs-mode-tag
u cvs-mode-unmark
v cvs-mode-view-file
x cvs-mode-remove-handled
z kill-this-buffer
DEL cvs-mode-unmark-up
<backtab> cvs-mode-previous-line
<down-mouse-3> cvs-menu
<follow-link> ??
<mouse-2> cvs-mode-find-file
<remap> Prefix Command

C-c C-c cvs-mode-kill-process

M-c cvs-checkout
M-e cvs-examine
M-s cvs-status
M-u cvs-update
M-DEL cvs-mode-unmark-all-files

d 2 cvs-mode-idiff-other
d = cvs-mode-diff
d E cvs-mode-imerge
d b cvs-mode-diff-backup
d d cvs-mode-diff
d e cvs-mode-idiff
d h cvs-mode-diff-head
d r cvs-mode-diff-repository
d v cvs-mode-diff-vendor
d y cvs-mode-diff-yesterday