current-kill is a compiled Lisp function in `simple.el'.

(current-kill N &optional DO-NOT-MOVE)

Rotate the yanking point by N places, and then return that kill.
If N is zero and `interprogram-paste-function' is set to a
function that returns a string or a list of strings, and if that
function doesn't return nil, then that string (or list) is added
to the front of the kill ring and the string (or first string in
the list) is returned as the latest kill.

If N is not zero, and if `yank-pop-change-selection' is
non-nil, use `interprogram-cut-function' to transfer the
kill at the new yank point into the window system selection.

If optional arg DO-NOT-MOVE is non-nil, then don't actually
move the yanking point; just return the Nth kill forward.