cpp-edit-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `cpp.el'.


Major mode for editing the criteria for highlighting cpp conditionals.
Click on objects to change them.
You can also use the keyboard accelerators indicated like this: [K]ey.

This mode runs the hook `cpp-edit-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.

key binding
--- -------

0 .. 9 digit-argument

C-c Prefix Command
SPC scroll-up-command
- negative-argument
A cpp-edit-apply
B cpp-edit-background
F cpp-edit-false
H cpp-edit-home
K cpp-edit-known
L cpp-edit-load
Q bury-buffer
R cpp-edit-reset
S cpp-edit-save
T cpp-edit-true
W cpp-edit-write
X cpp-edit-toggle-known
Y cpp-edit-toggle-unknown
a cpp-edit-apply
b cpp-edit-background
f cpp-edit-false
h cpp-edit-home
k cpp-edit-known
l cpp-edit-load
q bury-buffer
r cpp-edit-reset
s cpp-edit-save
t cpp-edit-true
u cpp-edit-unknown
w cpp-edit-write
x cpp-edit-toggle-known
y cpp-edit-toggle-unknown
DEL scroll-down-command
S-SPC scroll-down-command
<delete> scroll-down
<down-mouse-2> cpp-push-button
<mouse-2> ignore
<remap> Prefix Command

C-c C-c cpp-edit-apply