conf-mode is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `conf-mode.el'.


Mode for Unix and Windows Conf files and Java properties.
Most conf files know only three kinds of constructs: parameter
assignments optionally grouped into sections and comments. Yet
there is a great range of variation in the exact syntax of conf
files. See below for various wrapper commands that set up the
details for some of the most widespread variants.

This mode sets up font locking, outline, imenu and it provides
alignment support through `conf-align-assignments'. If strings
come out wrong, try `conf-quote-normal'.

Some files allow continuation lines, either with a backslash at
the end of line, or by indenting the next line (further). These
constructs cannot currently be recognized.

Because of this great variety of nuances, which are often not
even clearly specified, please don't expect it to get every file
quite right. Patches that clearly identify some special case,
without breaking the general ones, are welcome.

If instead you start this mode with the generic `conf-mode'
command, it will parse the buffer. It will generally well
identify the first four cases listed below. If the buffer
doesn't have enough contents to decide, this is identical to
`conf-windows-mode' on Windows, elsewhere to `conf-unix-mode'.
See also `conf-space-mode', `conf-colon-mode', `conf-javaprop-mode',
`conf-ppd-mode' and `conf-xdefaults-mode'.

key binding
--- -------

C-c Prefix Command

C-c C-a conf-align-assignments
C-c C-c conf-colon-mode
C-c C-j conf-javaprop-mode
C-c C-p conf-ppd-mode
C-c C-q conf-quote-normal
C-c C-s conf-space-keywords
C-c C-u conf-unix-mode
C-c C-w conf-windows-mode
C-c C-x conf-xdefaults-mode
C-c SPC conf-space-keywords
C-c " conf-quote-normal
C-c ' conf-quote-normal
C-c : conf-colon-mode