compilation-start is an autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `compile.el'.


Run compilation command COMMAND (low level interface).
If COMMAND starts with a cd command, that becomes the `default-directory'.
The rest of the arguments are optional; for them, nil means use the default.

MODE is the major mode to set in the compilation buffer. Mode
may also be t meaning use `compilation-shell-minor-mode' under `comint-mode'.

If NAME-FUNCTION is non-nil, call it with one argument (the mode name)
to determine the buffer name. Otherwise, the default is to
reuses the current buffer if it has the proper major mode,
else use or create a buffer with name based on the major mode.

If HIGHLIGHT-REGEXP is non-nil, `next-error' will temporarily highlight
the matching section of the visited source line; the default is to use the
global value of `compilation-highlight-regexp'.

Returns the compilation buffer created.