compilation-find-file is a compiled Lisp function in `compile.el'.

(compilation-find-file MARKER FILENAME DIRECTORY &rest FORMATS)

Find a buffer for file FILENAME.
If FILENAME is not found at all, ask the user where to find it.
Pop up the buffer containing MARKER and scroll to MARKER if we ask
the user where to find the file.
Search the directories in `compilation-search-path'.
A nil in `compilation-search-path' means to try the
"current" directory, which is passed in DIRECTORY.
If DIRECTORY is relative, it is combined with `default-directory'.
If DIRECTORY is nil, that means use `default-directory'.
FORMATS, if given, is a list of formats to reformat FILENAME when
looking for it: for each element FMT in FORMATS, this function
attempts to find a file whose name is produced by (format FMT FILENAME).