command-history is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `chistory.el'.


Examine commands from `command-history' in a buffer.
The number of commands listed is controlled by `list-command-history-max'.
The command history is filtered by `list-command-history-filter' if non-nil.
Use x to repeat the command on the current line.

Otherwise much like Emacs-Lisp Mode except that there is no self-insertion
and digits provide prefix arguments. Tab does not indent.
key binding
--- -------

C-j next-line
RET next-line
ESC Prefix Command
- negative-argument
0 .. 9 digit-argument
x command-history-repeat
DEL previous-line
<remap> Prefix Command

C-M-q indent-sexp

C-M-q prog-indent-sexp
(that binding is currently shadowed by another mode)

This command always recompiles the Command History listing
and runs the normal hook `command-history-hook'.