clone-indirect-buffer is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple.el'.

(clone-indirect-buffer NEWNAME DISPLAY-FLAG &optional NORECORD)

Create an indirect buffer that is a twin copy of the current buffer.

Give the indirect buffer name NEWNAME. Interactively, read NEWNAME
from the minibuffer when invoked with a prefix arg. If NEWNAME is nil
or if not called with a prefix arg, NEWNAME defaults to the current
buffer's name. The name is modified by adding a `<N>' suffix to it
or by incrementing the N in an existing suffix. Trying to clone a
buffer whose major mode symbol has a non-nil `no-clone-indirect'
property results in an error.

DISPLAY-FLAG non-nil means show the new buffer with `pop-to-buffer'.
This is always done when called interactively.

Optional third arg NORECORD non-nil means do not put this buffer at the
front of the list of recently selected ones.

Returns the newly created indirect buffer.