chart is an object constructor function in `chart.el'.
Creates an object of class chart.
Create a new object with name NAME of class type chart

Class description:
chart is a class in `chart.el'.
Children `chart-bar'.

Superclass for all charts to be displayed in an Emacs buffer.

Instance Allocated Slots:

Slot: title default = "Emacs Chart"
Slot: title-face default = (quote bold-italic)
Slot: x-axis default = nil
Slot: x-margin default = 5
Slot: x-width
Slot: y-axis default = nil
Slot: y-margin default = 5
Slot: y-width
Slot: key-label default = "Key"
Slot: sequences default = nil
Specialized Methods:

`chart-sort' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Sort the data in chart C using predicate PRED.
See `chart-sort-matchlist' for more details.

(fn C PRED)

`chart-translate-ypos' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Translate in chart C the coordinate Y into a screen row.

(fn C Y)

`chart-translate-namezone' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Return a dot-pair representing a positional range for a name.
The name in chart C of the Nth name resides.
Automatically compensates for direction.

(fn C N)

`chart-trim' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Trim all sequences in chart C to be at most MAX elements long.

(fn C MAX)

`chart-add-sequence' :PRIMARY (arg1 &optional arg2 arg3)
Add to chart object C the sequence object SEQ.
If AXIS-LABEL, then the axis stored in C is updated with the bounds of SEQ,
or is created with the bounds of SEQ.

(fn C &optional SEQ AXIS-LABEL)

`chart-draw-axis' :PRIMARY (arg1)
Draw axis into the current buffer defined by chart C.

(fn C)

`chart-translate-xpos' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Translate in chart C the coordinate X into a screen column.

(fn C X)

`chart-size-in-dir' :PRIMARY (arg1 arg2)
Return the physical size of chart C in direction DIR.

(fn C DIR)

`chart-draw-title' :PRIMARY (arg1)
Draw a title upon the chart.
Argument C is the chart object.

(fn C)

`chart-draw' :PRIMARY (arg1 &optional arg2)
Start drawing a chart object C in optional BUFF.
Erases current contents of buffer.

(fn C &optional BUFF)