chart-bar is an object constructor function in `chart.el'.
Creates an object of class chart-bar.
Create a new object with name NAME of class type chart-bar

Class description:
chart-bar is a class in `chart.el'.
Inherits from `chart'.

Subclass for bar charts (vertical or horizontal).

Instance Allocated Slots:

Slot: title default = "Emacs Chart"
Slot: title-face default = (quote bold-italic)
Slot: x-axis default = nil
Slot: x-margin default = 5
Slot: x-width
Slot: y-axis default = nil
Slot: y-margin default = 5
Slot: y-width
Slot: key-label default = "Key"
Slot: sequences default = nil
Slot: direction default = vertical
Specialized Methods:

`chart-draw-data' :PRIMARY (arg1)
Display the data available in a bar chart C.

(fn C)