call-interactively is a built-in function in `C source code'.

(call-interactively FUNCTION &optional RECORD-FLAG KEYS)

Call FUNCTION, providing args according to its interactive calling specs.
Return the value FUNCTION returns.
The function contains a specification of how to do the argument reading.
In the case of user-defined functions, this is specified by placing a call
to the function `interactive' at the top level of the function body.
See `interactive'.

Optional second arg RECORD-FLAG non-nil
means unconditionally put this command in the command-history.
Otherwise, this is done only if an arg is read using the minibuffer.

Optional third arg KEYS, if given, specifies the sequence of events to
supply, as a vector, if the command inquires which events were used to
invoke it. If KEYS is omitted or nil, the return value of
`this-command-keys-vector' is used.